10 deadly habits we do before going to bed! Find out what you SHOULDN’T do before sleeping!

Sleeping is a process which gives our body energy for the next day. Because of that, we should have healthy dream and not to wake up earlier or because of some habits.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do, in order to have a better dream.

Do not drink water

The water is necessary for the body in order to maintain all the functions in order, and to lubricate the joints while you move. But, if you drink water right before sleeping, you will stand up once or even more during the night to urinate, interrupting the dream.

Do not take a nap during the day

Some people have this habit, but they should avoid it, because the natural cycle of the body will be interrupted and you won’t be able to sleep during the night. This will affect your health and sleeping habits.

Avoid using laptop or mobile phones

People usually have habit to use cell-phones or laptops in their beds before sleeping in order to read something, but that very moment could last longer than expected and makes them fall asleep late. That’s why you should avoid bringing them in the bedrooms.

Arrange your meals

You should eat 3-4 hours before sleeping, so the digestive process could function healthy.

Set a routine before going to sleep

It’s needed for you to set a routine before going to sleep and to stick to it. It means to have a shower, brush teeth, going to bed etc., so your body can adjust, so it can tell you itself when you are ready to sleep.

Pick the favorite sleeping position

Everybody has its own sleeping position that suits him well. But, try to pick a position that helps you sleep better, and not to give a pain to your neck. The side positions are recommended for this, together with sleeping on your back. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Exercising before sleeping

You should exercise and run every day so your body can be fresh and full with energy, but you should do this at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Cold feet

If your feet are cold, you won’t be able to fall asleep immediately. Because of that, you should warm up your legs with socks.

Quality mattress

Do not save the money with buying a cheap mattress. You will sleep better on a quality mattress and you will be fresh and well rested in the morning.

Avoid drinking coffee before sleeping

The coffee contains caffeine, and the caffeine is a famous ingredient which keeps the person awake. Try not to drink coffee 4 hours before going to bed. The caffeine increases the metabolism of the body I order to make it feel fresh, and that’s the only reason why drinking coffee before sleeping is a bad idea.