10 easy tricks to eat always light

It is not always easy to maintain a line when there are so many possibilities to satisfy our throat. But some measures could be observed in order to eat lightly.

  1. Everything begins with the breakfast

The breakfast is the meal of the day: It is that, taken in proper quantities, allows us to be more light without thinking so much on the lunch, snacks and the dinner. Assumption of the right calorie requirements in the first hours of the day is the secret to resist the temptations n the afternoon and at night.

  1. Be more attended on the glucose index than on the calories

You know that a caramel chocolate bar as the same calories than a nice plate of rise? And yet the two meals are definitely different: what makes them different in terms of health and lightness is the glucose index, at which you should pay more attention than on the calories.

  1. A bit of almonds

Of course, not full sack of almonds! But for about ten almonds as a source of proteins combined with natural white yogurt, or even better with soy, can help you to maintain your delighting balance.

  1. Choose the right sugar

It is impossible for us to sweeten a bit our coffee, milk or tea: but there is a way for not giving up of sugar and at the same time to stay light. It all depends of the type of the sugar: do not choose the white and refined sugar, opt instead a natural sweetener, such as stevia, that could be also used in many ways in the kitchen.

  1. Start cooking (if the time allows )

All the nutritionists agree that it is better to avoid the prepared and prepackaged meals, in which the quantity of additives and preservatives is obviously higher than in the fresh meals and in those prepared manually.

  1. Abundant in fresh vegetables

Cooked, raw, steamed, baked: the vegetables can be eaten in all of the sauces. The vegetables are really your precious allies for your balanced digestion: with a little extra virgin olive oil and a tomato sauce it can be a real joy for the plate.

  1. Have a lot of water and herbal teas

The beverages are your enemies: is there a necessity to tell you that? Also the coffee, tea and of course the alcohol should be taken in moderation. Oppositely the natural mineral water and the herbal teas could help you in maintaining your lightness in every part of the day.

  1. No! at the sugars at night

At night is better for you to dedicate to the vegetables, raw and cooked: we can in fact, so to say, detoxify from sugars and carbohydrates accumulated during the day.

  1. There isn’t only butter

The butter is surely not the only fat that exists to give your meals a magical touch: as you can replace the refined sugar with honey and stevia, you can also replace this fat of animal origins with valid alternatives in which there are vegetal fats, such as coconut fat etc.

  1. For smaller meals, smaller plates

Well, yes. As a last advice on the list there is a bit strange, but true advice. In order not to consume more abundant meals, use smaller plates!