10 foods that all the smokers should eat in order to cleanse their lungs!

The researches have shown that 1 of 10 adults are dying because of lung cancer. This dangerous disease will increase without doubts among the smokers. Many people, especially the smokers or ex smokers should do something for their lung health.

Here are 10 foods that everyone should intake in order to cleanse the lungs


Consumption of 1 to 4 portions of grapefruit a week is decreasing the chance of respiratory system cancer.

Brazilian nuts

The Brazilian nuts are rich with selenium and the vitamin E and helps in lowering the lung cancer risk.


The antioxidants present in the garlic are cleansing the lungs of toxins caused by smoking.


Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will help your body and lungs to function normally.

Carrot juice

Drink 300 ml of carrot juice for breakfast and it will help the alkalizing of your body.


The ginger helps in removing of the mucus which appears with intake of dairy products, wheat and soy. It also contains antioxidants which removes the toxins caused by smoking.

Herbal tea

The herbal tea will encourage your intestines to eliminate the toxins.

Cranberry juice

Drink 400 ml of cranberry juice every day before sleeping. It will fight the bacteria in your lungs, which cause infections.

Pineapple juice

Drink 300 ml of pineapple juice every day, because it contains antioxidants important for out respiratory system.

Hot water and lemon

Squeeze 2 lemons in a hot water and drink this mixture before breakfast.