10 ingredients that quench thirst

On the high summer temperatures we get thirsty faster, because our body is forced to cool with sweating, while big amount of liquid is lost.

plate-166868_1280If you did not know, sort of alarm – feeling thirsty, appears after our organism lose more than 1% of water. The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink water normally smaller amount of water during the day, even when you’re not thirsty. But avoid ice cold water because it exhausts the organism. Add some vegetable, fruit and some salads in your nutrition, with more water and less calories. On this way you will ensure right hydration to your organism, but in the same the electrolytes that are necessary for the usage of water in the organism. The ingredients with big percent of water are cucumbers, lettuce, watermelons and many others.

Percentage of water in ingredients:

Cucumbers- 96% ; Crystal salad- 95% ; Tomatoes- 94% ; Peppers- 94% ; Watermelons- 91% ; Strawberries- 91% ; Spinach- 91% ; Melons- 90% ; Peaches- 89% ; Pineapples- 86% .