10 useful tips for everyday problems!

Problem with ants

The ants hate cucumber. Put a cucumber peel on the place they appear, and they won’t cause you trouble anymore.

How to get crystal clear ice cubes?

Boil the water before putting it into the freezer.

How to remove a chewing gum from your clothes?

Keep the clothing into the freezer for an hour, and the chewing gum will easily fall down from the clothing.

Make your white clothes whiter

Soak the clothes in hot water together with a lemon slice for 10 minutes.

Make your hair shine

Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in your hair and then wash it. Your hair will shine like never before!

How to squeeze the lemon to its maximum?

Soak the lemon in hot water for an hour and squeeze it later.

How not to tear up when cutting onions?

Chew a chewing gum.

How to remove the ink from clothes?

Rub the stains well with a toothpaste, let them dry completely and wash them later.

How to peel quickly the boiled potato?

Put the potato in cold water right after boiling it.

Get rid of mice and rats

Put black pepper on all the places they move. They will run away for sure!

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