2 reasons that will make you clean your bedroom and wash the sheets every day!

We don’t want to scare you, but when it is about the hygiene of your living space, we recommend you to change your sheets more often.

Yes, it’s well known that the place where you sleep must be spotlessly clean.

Your bedroom is the place where you are doing one of the most important things in your life, that keeps you alive- sleeping. In order to enjoy your sleep and in the same time get regenerated and strengthened, you should sleep between 6-8 hours in a ventilated and clean room.

Besides ventilating the room, you should clean the dust every day and vacuum the room.

Ventilate the sheets, and wash it on a temperature between 60° and 90°, including whole pillows in order to protect yourselves of bacteria, mites and fungus.

Simply, if you don’t vacuum your room, clean the dust, and don’t wash your sheets every 5-7 days, you could become subject of viral diseases and sensitive on mites. Both could damage your health badly!