4 “poisoning” relationship habits that are considered as normal!

Passive aggression and jealousy, the most worrying signs.

It is hard to recognize the signs of “poisoning relationship”, especially if it’s about your relationship.

But, even if you don’t note any signs, you should analyze your relationship from time to time, and ask yourself – “Am I happy? Really happy?

On the Quora social network, the users started writing their habits and behaviors which are “toxic” for a relationship.

These are the most commonly referred:

Summing the results and drawing old quarrels

The user Howie Reith stated that summing of results (who’s right, who’s not) and drawing quarrels from the past is surely one of the worst things that could happen during some quarrel.

It is manipulative, leaves bitterness in the mouth and affects the solving of the existing problems” – writes Howie Reith.

Threats of breaking up

Does it “jumps” in almost every quarrel with your partner, a threat that the relationship will end? These emotional blackmails, makes the partner to repress the true feelings, which again, ultimately leads to manipulation in the relationship. Do you really want such a relation?

Passive aggression

Instead to tell the partner directly what’s the problem, the other side in some inappropriate ways “reproaches” and “packs” what bothers her/him. This behavior is completely wrong.


Some people will say: “Jealousy is sweet, it’s a sign that she/he cares”. However, the jealousy is a sign of distrust, and it will especially come to the fore if the partner is in constant need to know where are you and who are you with, in every moment!