4 ways to stop nosebleed

Nosebleed is a common phenomenon, and more than 90% stops spontaneously, while only 10% needs a medical intervention. The causes are different, from accidents to diseases.

  1. Self- help

If the nosebleed is thicker, grab the nose with the thumb and the forefinger and hold it tightly for 3 minutes. The head must be lean forward, because if you lean your head backwards, there is a danger to get choke yourself. Warm up the legs, so the blood from the head will flow down. For a local help, use a saline spray, because when you are wetting the mucous membranes, the bleeding stops quickly.

  1. Ice cubes

abstract-18722On the root of the nose, between the eyebrows, put pieces of ice, and on the neck put a cold compress. The coldness narrows the blood vessels in the nose, which slows down the swelling of the blood. Put a piece of cotton wool soaked in a 100% hydrogen, so you can close the blood vessel that bleeds or pat a lemon juice or a lavender oil.

  1. Avoid coffee

woman-601568_1280When the bleeding stops, you shouldn’t eat or drink coffee right after it, or even drink a tea. The food and these beverages are increasing the blood pressure and expand the blood vessels, so the bleeding can start over. Adjust your blood pressure on time.

  1. The power of prevention

Keep the mucous membranes wet, drinking 8 glasses of water daily and eating products rich with the vitamin C, so you can strengthen the capillary walls. Clean the interior of the nose with Vaseline or mixture of one teaspoon of salt into 500 ml boiling water. Limit the input of aspirin, because it interferes the blood clotting. Ventilate the rooms, because the dry air favors the bleeding.