5 amazing ways to improve your sight

Or at least, not to make it worse. Five tactics for saving you eyes, that you’ve never considered, besides the old good glasses and contact lenses.

Keep up with the technology: Most of the things that we read nowadays are through the screen of our tablets or smartphones. Why not to incorporate in the touchscreen the instruments we need focus on? The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have thought about that, and have worked on an intelligent display that will make the use of glasses and lenses unnecessary. The idea is to correct the images directly from the source, i.e. on the screen, using an algorithm that can distort the images as needed, preset, from the user, and a filter for the light positioned in front of the screen. Images and words will appear strange at anyone, except to the owner. One startup is affiliated in the project, the CPrecisely, had worked on an app for reading the time at night, without putting on the glasses.

Running: Having a physical activity will not get you rid of glasses, but should prevent important visual defects that arise with the age. A study made on over than 40.000 persons in the last 6 years, shows that jogging or walking quickly reduces the risk of cataract, the progressive losing of transparency of the lens. The active style of life seems that prevents the macular degeneration, the primary cause of blindness in the industrial countries.

Eat healthy: During the Second World War, to stay hidden from the sight of the radars, the British pilots of the RAF thanks to a diet rich with carrots, have been able to see better in the nights. This is not a legend, but few essential pigments exist for proper vision in the food. Between them are the lutein, zeaxanthin and mesozeaxanthin that help in absorbing the near ultraviolet rays, and to protect the macula. Besides the carrots it is also important to eat red peppers, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, aliments rich with these pigments, which are protecting the retina from degeneration caused by ageing.

Playing videogames: Excessive use of the screens, such as TV, tablets or PC, seems to be the primary cause for dramatic increase of myopia in the industrialized countries. The videogames are pushing the eye on a continuous mass of light, bombarding it with blue light that stresses up the retina, besides shortening the time spent outside. But few games are playing an important role in treatment of the amblyopia or lazy eye, because they train the brain to increase the visual acuity.

Go in park (and bring you child): This advice is worth just for the kids. Few studies are linking the time passed outside on open air with the minor probabilities of developing the myopia. What does it has to do with it? Playing on big open places allows the eye to see distant objects (not only close images like you see during reading a book, or watching TV). For other researchers, to make difference is the quality of the natural light compared to the neon light or display light. The fact is that in the countries where the persons are spending more time in reading or in front of PC (like in the Asian countries) 80% of the young population is short-sighted.