5 reasons why the cats are making us healthier!

The friendship and mutual care between people and cats lasts for centuries. However, according to the latest scientific researches, these cuddly animals with their presence, improve the owner’s health.

Strengthening the heart

Because of their calm nature, the cats act relaxing on people and relieve stress. This, of course, leads to minor heart effort. The scientists from the Minnesota University proved that cats’ owners have 40% less chances to have a heart attack, and 30% less for some other heart diseases. Also, persons that had some hard heart surgery have better chances to survive if they have a cat.

Help connecting

The results of French scientist show that cats increase the concentration of oxytocin at people, a hormone that is secreted when a person is surrounded by friends and lovers. The oxytocin is released through contacts, so caressing a cat benefits on its level in the human body.

The persons with mild autism showed increased communication and easier connectivity with others, if they had a close contact with cats recently.

Strengthening the immune system

The cats are playful animals that often know to make laugh their owners. Either they play with their own tail, or sharpening their claws on the scraper, they keep the persons around them in a good mood with their comic behavior. According to a research on the Californian University “Loma Linda”, laugh and joy could increase the level of immunoglobulin proteins for 14%.

We breathe easier with them

Some Nordic researches showed that kids exposed to cats have minor chances to develop respiratory allergies. The animals encourage the development of natural immune system, because of which it is possible even to resist at asthma later in life.

Cats relieve us psychologically

As many other pets, the cats help in recovery of stressful experiences. According to a British study, persons that have experienced a tragic loss of a partner, showed better stability if they had a pet. The pets offer nonverbal social support, and decrease the feeling of loneliness. Indeed, many people talk to their pets, claiming that they understand them better than people.