5 reasons why you should buy lime!

The lime is a citrus fruit which is not used only for making cocktails. On the contrary, usage of this exotic fruit contributes to the health of every individual.

Improves digestion

The flavonoids in the citrus fruits are helping the appeasement of the stomach problems and improves the digestion. In order to achieve this effect, it is best to drink one cup of hot lime water and a bit of honey after every meal. Also, this exotic fruit could offer you help against constipation.

The lime improves the digestion, prevents the appearance of kidney stones and lowers the risk of getting heart attack cause due to a blood clot.

Prevents the appearance of kidney stones

The National Kidney Foundation claims that the natural citrate contained in the lime (and lemons) prevents the appearance of the kidney stones as well as the potassium citrate which is a common medicine for the chronic patients. In order to achieve maximal results it is best to make a beverage of water and lime without the addition of sugar.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

The study of the American Heart Association showed that the women that eat big amounts of citrus fruit have 19% fewer heart attacks caused by a blood clot, than the ones that do not eat them.

Considering the high percentage of sugar in the oranges and the grapefruits, it is advisable to increase the intake of citrus in the body, by adding lemon and lime juice while cooking.

Improves the respiratory rates

The oils rich with lime flavonoids are used in different medicines and sprays used for respiratory system clots. Inhalation of grated lime peel will offer a quick relief to the persons that suffer from clogged sinuses or nausea.

Decreases the dandruff

The essential lime oils have anti-bacterial characteristics, and it showed that they prevent the bacterial growth that are causing dandruff.