5 tips for olive oil

  1. Use the olive oil while it’s still fresh and aromatic, the best for use is in its first year, because its characteristics are getting poor by time.
  2. If you are able, try the oil first before you buy it.oil-822618_1280
  3. Always keep the olive oil on a dark place because the heat, the light and the air are the three greatest enemies of all the culinary oils. The recommended optimal temperature for keeping the oil is 14°C. If you don’t have the appropriate place for it, keep it in a refrigerator. It will partially thicken and dim, but on the room temperature it will be clear again and ready for use.
  4. If you want some extra taste you can add some dry herbs in the bottle and for few weeks you will get the wanted result. The one thing you must know about the extra taste, is that the herbs that you will add in the oil, must be completely dry, because you can risk to get some bacteria in the oil, such as botulinum that provokes botulism.
  5. The temperatures during the cooking with the olive oil that will not change its nutritious values, depends of what type of oil you use. For frying use the cheaper, low quality refined olive oil, and for salads and sauces use the extra virgin olive oil. Depending on the quantity of free fat acids, the point of smoking of the extra virgin oil is between 185°C and 204°C, and the virgin olive oil is 199°C.