5 ways in which the clime can influent your body!

By the gender of the unborn to the aspect of life, from the bone pains to headaches: five situations in which the health should be connected to the climate conditions.

The rain amplifies rheumatism: Many of the more ‘mature’ have experimented: the precipitations can seem to accentuate the symptoms of rheumatism. But is it true? According to a revision of 9 scientific studies about rheumatism made in 2011, the answer is no. In the bases of the studies, the people who suffer of rheumatism, in the rainy days are brought to notice: hence the association.

Low air pressure gives a headache: When the barometer that shows atmospheric pressure goes down, the sale of the medicaments against migraine is raising up, said Kazuhito Kimoto, researcher at Dokkyo Medical University (Japan) who asked 28 patients who had frequent headache to write a diary for their discomforts. The results were compared to the conditions registered at the near meteorological stations, and it was found a correspondence between the low pressure and the headache.

The winter increases the risk of infarct: Together with the influence and the colds, the cold season brings with itself a sensible increase of the heart attacks: according to a Chinese research made in February 2015, the death of infarct in the winter is for 40% bigger than in spring and summer. Nobody really knows the reason for it, but one of the theories is that the cold rise up the blood pressure and with it the risk for heart attack.

Warmer, more male children: In few animals, the environmental temperature can determine the gender of the newborn. Negligible, and varies from region to region, it happens also to the human: a study made in the Californian University published in 2007 have shown that in the northern countries is more likely that the males are conceived in the years when the clime was warmer, than the colder periods. The fact is that the temperatures affect on the concentration of the hormones and the quality of the sperm.

The cosmic rays have influence on the health: And it is not only on the astronauts. One Lithuanian study between the period of 1989 and 2013 had shown that the number of dead with cardiac problems and infarcts is increased in the periods characterized with extreme weather events.