6 INCREDIBLE ways to use garlic you didn’t know about!

There’s no recipe in the kitchen that doesn’t contain garlic, but except in kitchen, the garlic could also be used in many alternative remedies. But, believe it or not, these are not the only ways of using garlic.

Garlic as a remedy against acne

You could add chopped garlic into face masks and lotions. However, the simplest way to remove acne with garlic is to wipe the inflamed parts of the face with garlic’s juice. In this way, the acne dry fast and disappear.

Healing feet fungus

The garlic has a strong antifungal effect. The most popular are the baths with garlic (10 cloves of garlic on 1 l of hot water). However, you could simply squeeze them, mix them with olive oil and apply the mixture on the problematic areas on the skin.

Toothache remedy

This recipe is used since the ancient times. Put a small garlic clove between the gums and the inside of your cheek, next to the painful tooth. The pain will disappear immediately!

Removing of a thorn

The thorn will fell off by itself if you apply on the painful area chopped or squeezed garlic clove, wrap it with a gaze and leave it for an hour.

If there’s small crack on glass

Squeeze few cloves of garlic and rub the crack with its juice. It won’t uncrack the glass, but it will prevent the crack to spread.

As a remedy against cold, virus infections and strengthening of the immune system

In the Chinese traditional medicine, the garlic is used as a complete recovery of the organism. They take a garlic clove, put it in the mouth and soak it with saliva, moving it through the oral cavity. This procedure should be done in the morning, for 30 minutes, while we have “garbage” in our mouth.

The effects of sucking garlic is astonishing. The saliva, together with the useful nutritional substances is reaching into the blood, cleans the blood vessels and lymph. Also, the garlic strengthens the oral cavity, and the gums will stop bleeding.

After the procedure, you should spit out the garlic and brush the teeth. If the smell of garlic is still felt, put a coffee bean into the mouth or a small leaf of parsley. Few sips of milk will also remove the garlic smell completely.

Why should you put garlic in mouth?

  • The garlic cleans the blood perfectly
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Protects the organism of flu outbreaks and other respiratory diseases
  • Strengthens the immune system incredibly
  • It’s useful in case of anemia
  • Cures chronical bronchitis
  • Helps in case of kidney and bladder diseases
  • Cleans the skin