6 pains which could be cured by having sex! It helps more than any drug!

The pains are not longer an excuse to refuse, but a reason more to have more sex. Although the first thought about having sex is pleasure, however, the experts claim that making love could have better effect than any drug prescribed by the medics.

6 types of pain which could be relieved with a few minutes of sex, instead taking drugs:

Stuffy nose

The sex is a natural antihistamine. It helps in the fight against asthma and spring allergies.

Muscle aches

The sex is one of the safest sports. Making love for minutes or for hours tones the body, and it is much more fun than swimming in a pool. Plus, you don’t need any equipment (except preservatives).

Dermatitis, acne, allergies

If you make love slowly and gently, you will get rid of all skin problems. The sweat released, cleans the pores and makes the skin shiny.


The sex is a great remedy against depression, because it releases Endorphin in the blood, which leads to a mild and positive euphoria.


The sex is great also for soothing of the muscles and nerves. It’s more effective than any pill, and you will find out only if you try it and compare it.


Kissing postpones your visit to the dentist. While kissing, the amount of acid that causes caries decreases, and in that way you are preventing the overlays on the teeth.