6 types of food and drinks that could make worse the cold!

We all know that when we are sick, the warm tea and soup could make us feel better and healthier. But, there are certain types of food and drinks that should be avoided at any cost if you want not to worse your symptoms.

Bought fruit juice

The squeezed fruit juices are full with vitamins and minerals needed for the sick body, but it doesn’t include the bought juices. Namely, these drinks contain large amounts of sugar that “steal” the vitamins from the body, and weakens the immune system.

Fried food

The fired food is not good for us even when we are healthy, so imagine how bad it is for you when your body is weakened by a virus. It is full with saturated fatty acids that are hard for digestion. Because of that, they significantly disrupt the digestion system, that works with decreased force during the illness.


During the sickness, we should increase the intake of liquids. Having that on mind, the coffee, or the caffeine contained in it, it acts as a strong diuretic that could cause dehydration on already weakened organism.

Acidic food

No matter what food it is about, if it’s acidic, it could additionally damage the mucosa, and strengthen the symptoms of the disease. This rule also applies for the sour fruits, such as oranges and tangerines.


Same as the coffee, so the alcohol throws out the liquids from the body and causes dehydration. From the other side, mixing alcohol with certain medications could decrease their effects.

Dairy products

Even the dairy products contain proteins and vitamin D, that help for strengthening of the organism, they also increase the secretion of the natural mucosa in the organism, and it could make the cough even worse.