The best food for adult women

” The almonds are reducing the inflamed processes at women and they are repairing the damage caused by the free radicals”

You didn’t even turned around, and you are already in the adulthood, life age when you need to care more about your health. There are few reasonable actions of attention that can help us reduce the intensity of changes in our body after we enter the adulthood. We can, for e.g., reduce the insertion of refined sugar, to eat smaller servings, to reduce the insertion of salt and processed meat, etc. Some prepositions we may like more, and some less.
-Flax seeds. Relieves the problems that show up in the period of perimenopause and menopause. The flax seeds contain lignans, chemical substances from vegetable origins that are part of the group Phytoestrogens. Advice: Flax seeds are hard chewing, so it’s better for consumption if it’s minced.
-Soy. Thanks to the isoflavones that contains, the soy is slows down the reduction of the density in the bones, that comes in the perimenopause and the menopause. Contains vitamin K, which is important nutrient needed for the health of the bones. Advice: To increase the consumption of vitamin K into the organism, add more fish and seafood in your menu. Also, you can eat products based on soy, such as soy milk, yogurt and tofu.
-Raspberries. They are raising the immunity and balance the level of sugar in the blood. The raspberries contain high percentage of diet fibers, so they are useful in the nutrition of the diabetics. Because they contain vitamin C, which is important for optimal function of the immune system cells, the raspberries are intensifying the immunity. As well, this fruit contains strong antioxidant, ellagic acid and a lot of magnesium. Advice: Eat them with different types of fruit that is rich with calcium.
almonds-501534_1280-Almond. Reduces the inflamed processes and repairs the damage caused by the released radicals. Almond contains high level of flavonoids and vitamin E. Also contains high percentage of monosaturated fat, that helps with regulation of the cholesterol in blood. Advice: The foreskin of the almond contains a lot of flavonoids, so it’s better to eat them all, instead of fried.
 -Kale. It has strong anticancer actions. Such as other dark green vegetable, the kale is rich with magnesium, helps with insomnia and regulate the indigestion, because it’s good source of fibers. Contains also vitamin A and vitamin K. Advice: A lot of ingredients in the kale are good for the metabolism. Consume it in combination with simple sauce that you will make with yogurt, black pepper and lemon juice.
-Seafood. Strengthens the immunity. Contains high percentage of zinc, which together with other nutrition increases the sex appeal. Seafood guards the white blood cells and encourages the production of T- cells (that destroy the cells of the cancer). Advice: You can eat rye bread with oyster or lobster because it increases the absorption of zinc and the vitamin B6. The alcohol stimulates the excretion of zinc, so avoid it.
-Chickpea. Increases the energy and turns back the balance of the hormones. They are rich with fibers that encourages indigestion, they are helping in regulation of the level of the glucose and decreases the appetite. Also, helps in case of insomnia. Advice: Choose chickpea in a tin or in a bag with unsalted and unsweetened water. Add them in a vegetable soup.
-Oats. Oats is great source of beta glucan, which helps in decreasing the cholesterol. Contains selenium, which is of multiple use. Transforming the hormones of the thyroid in its simplest form is only one of its important roles. Advice: In a bowl with oatmeal add some yogurt. The lactobacillius from the yogurt will reduce the level of the bad cholesterol.
-Avocado. Reduces the level of cholesterol, which means that decreases the risk of heart deceases. The avocado contains olein mono saturated acid that plays an important role in decreasing of the cholesterol, contains vitamin E, that acts like a strong antioxidant. Also, contains vitamin K and potassium, that reduces the blood pressure. Advice: To mature faster, put the avocado in a paper bag together with a banana.
-Melon. Thanks to the high concentration of potassium, the melon regulates the blood pressure. Except that, it contains the vitamins A and C. Advice: Eat the melon together with products that contain essential fatty acids, for e.g. sesame seeds, to encourage the absorption of vitamins.