7 reasons for which you should sleep naked!

Marilyn Monroe went to bed wearing only 2 drops of Chanel N°5. Maybe the diva didn’t know that doing that, she was taking care of her health. Sleeping naked brings many advantages for the health, from weight loss to better skin.

  1. Sleep well

During the sleep, the body temperature falls down to 36°. It is an ideal condition for having continuous and deep sleep. Sleeping naked helps you maintain this ideal temperature, while under the blankets and the pajamas the body has to struggle to maintain the low temperature, disturbing the sleep.

  1. You will keep the ideal weight

Sleeping naked, as we said, helps in maintaining the ideal body temperature at 36°. Your body, at the same time, burns calories to maintain this constant temperature and to stop lowering it down. And the result is? You will keep the ideal weight, with much less effort than with a diet.

  1. You will avoid the diabetes

For now it is just a hypothesis that should be confirmed, but sleeping naked lowers the risk of diabetes. When the body burns calories, attending to maintain the ideal body temperature, in the process mainly burns the sugars, decreasing the level of it and with it the risk of diabetes.

  1. You will have better skin

The night is the moment in which the whole body regenerates and rests. Then why you don’t allow the body to breathe? You will see the results immediately: more fresh and elastic skin, ready for the new day.

  1. You will avoid vaginal losses

Did you know that sleeping bare naked resolves the problem of the vaginal losses? Often the losses are caused right by the friction between the skin and the panties material, which causes heating that should be avoided so the defending of bacteria should carry on.

  1. You will know better your body

Sleeping naked, besides the physical advantages, brings also psychological advantages. If you take this habit, you can develop a really big knowledge for your body and with this a major security and esteem.

  1. Better up your relationship with the partner

The scientists have found that the couples who are sleeping naked are more serene than the others. A major knowledge and confidence also with the body of your partner betters the relationship and the sense of trust. Without counting, that, sleeping naked is sexy!