9 reasons why you should have a cold shower EVERY DAY!

The benefits of a cold shower are numerous. We bring you 9 reasons why the cold shower should become your daily routine.

Shock factor

You shouldn’t have a cold shower all the time. The most useful is, actually, the combination of hot and cold water. The last few minutes of the morning shower should be with a cold water stream. Your body will be overflowed with adrenaline, which will help you wake up and ensure the energy for the rest of the day.

Beat the depression

When we shower with cold water, the blood supply in the brain is increased and enhances the release of the norepinephrine hormone, which naturally wakes up us. In these conditions, there’s no room for depressive thoughts.

It’s good for the hair

Washing the hair with cold hair keeps its natural hydration and prevents the appearance of split ends.

Accelerates the circulation

The reaction of the body on cold water it sudden: the blood is pumped in the arteries, strengthening the heart and ensures the optimal level of oxygen in the organs. Conclusion: The cold shower is good for the whole body.

Naturally accelerates the metabolism

The cold water dramatically accelerates the metabolic rhythm, which at the end results with faster burning of the calories.

Soothes the skin

Showering with cold water improves the skin tone and narrows the pores, which makes the skin smooth.

Relaxes the muscles

Even on the sport injuries, the doctors put cold coverings on the muscles, but cold shower after exercising will prevent the appearance of muscle-fibers, which is not bad at all.

Resolves stress

The cold water drastically decreases the level of urinary acid in the body, which is one of the main ally of the stress.

Better sleep

Even if it sounds counterproductive, because we told you at the beginning that the cold shower increases the adrenaline level in the body, it actually acts even hypnotic, if you have a cold water shower right before going to sleep.