A man dies after got infected by a worm with cancer!

Tumor cells of the unwanted guest found in the lymph nodes and the lungs of a man carrier of a HIV infection.

The first documented case in the world that filled the pages in the New England Journal of Medicine, of a man who died due to a worm that transferred him a cancer. The unwanted guest succeeded to survive inside the, 41 yrs old Colombian, patient’s organism thanks to its immune system, caused by his HIV infection. The case described in the magazine have bounced and confounded the medics, because there are no studies that ‘inherit’ the tumor cells developed in a parasite. The US Centers for disease controls and the Natural History Museum of UK have worked together in order to diagnose the unusual disease.

The tumors

There were find tumors bigger than 4 cm in the man’s liver and lungs. But after more analysis, they found that the tumor cells were larger for one-tenth, compared to the normal human cells. The molecular studies have found after high levels of the tapeworm’s DNA (Hymenolepis nana) inside these cells. Unfortunately, the test were not made on time in order to cure the patient, who was dead 3 days after the genetic tests.