A powerful remedy for your drooped eyelids! The results will be visible in only 2 minutes!

The eyelids could start drooping because of many reasons, such as heredity, long-term life habits and aging.

There’s a natural and organic remedy against this problem, which is easy to make and all you need is one egg.


  • 1 egg white
  • 1 cotton swab


Clean the make-up of your eyelids and dry it. Then dip the cotton swab in the egg white and close the eyelid. After that rub your eyelids with the cotton swab (not too much).

Keep your eyelids closed and wait until the egg white gets dry.

That’s all! If it doesn’t work after the first time, try again. You can repeat this procedure a few times, until you find out where’s the exact place for the best results.