A Russian doctor claims: The immunity could be renewed in only 15 seconds! Here’s how!

If you suffer of flu too often, this is a reason more to strengthen your immunity.

Professor Doctor Sergei Bubnovskij, well known specialist for kinesiotherapy in Moscow, recommends an extraordinary simple method for strengthening of the immunity.

He says, every night, when you come back from the exhausting working day, pour in the bath or in a big dish 10-15 cm icy-cold water.

Do not add hot water!

Then put your feet in the water and tap with them in the cold water for 10-15 seconds. You can even make some dance moves.

After that, get them out of the water and wipe them with a towel and put on woolen socks. Repeat this procedure every night and you will strengthen your immune system significantly.

If you already have a flu, that’s a reason more to do what the doctor says. In this case, repeat this procedure every 4 hours.