Young woman felt some weird itching. She NEVER ever thought that she was attacked by the MOST DEVIOUS tumor!

Liam Crossley thought that he and his fiancé Lucy are on the threshold of their bright future. They had to get married, she got her dream job. This Lids’s couple then had their worst nightmare.

In June 2013, Lucy felt itching on her whole body. She called her fiancé immediately.


She was not a person that raises panic without a reason, so I knew at the very moment that something really bad is going on. She went to her doctor and he gave her a skin crème. Unfortunately, it became even worse, hew skin was swollen because of the scratching. Then the doctors thought that it may be because of some allergies. It wasn’t the allergies” – recalls her fiancé.

No one even imagined that the girl, who was only 27 years old, had a cancer. She had a tumor in her liver.

When they told her that she has a cancer, she broke. I tried not to cry, to stay strong for her, but we felt hopelessness” – said Crossley.

The tumor was barely visible, only few millimeters wide, but it proved itself as fatal. The bile duct cancer is increasing. In 2010 there were diagnosed 1832 cases, of which 1720 ended up deathly, and 3 years later 1965 were diagnosed, while 2161 passed away in this period.

These tumors are so small and treacherous, that even the scanners couldn’t predict them. They attack silently, until the person doesn’t turn yellow because of the gathered toxins in the body. In this case, this vicious disease has progressed and the fight becomes even harder, therefore, the mortality because of this cancer increases.

Lucy, unfortunately, was one of the cases that gone wrong.

The results were frightening. Her Bilirubin was 395, and it had to be 17. She had internal bleeding because of the tumor, she was taken on intervention, but she never woke up again. She died at age of 29. However, we managed it to get married 3 months before it happens. I would like people to know about this disease so no one ever feels the pain I feel” – finished Liam Crossley.