Achieve the ideal weight drinking milk!

The American scientist from the University of Tennessee says that regular consumption of milk and milk products helps in losing the extra kilograms. The scientists in their studies have been focused on the role of calcium in the nutrition.

According to their opinion, because of the lack of calcium, the body starts to produce more hormone kalcitriol, which increases the production of the cells in the fatty tissues that deposits in the organism. The presence of the calcium in the nutrition prevents the production of that hormone, so the body burns more fatty cells.vitamin-d1

The scientists have found that the consumption of milk, cheese or yogurt has stronger effect than taking supplements in the nutrition which are enriched with calcium. That is explained with the fact that the milk products have hundreds ingredients that have positive effect over the human’s health, and act also on the speed of burning of the fats. Because of that the scientists say that everyone who thinks about diets, should not throw out the milk and its products from the nutrition.