ACNE – NO BIG DEAL? In Fact, You Have Seriously Diseased Organism!

Even if you put tons of powder on your face in order to cover the acne, you are not healing them. They are still visible. Problematic skin is a big deal and it shouldn’t be ignored!

Many experts believe that one of the reasons is excessive consumption of sweets, because when you stop eating them, the acne are disappearing.

However, it is also believed that the acne also appears as a result of our internal problems. Here are a few theories:

Bad Digestion: First on the list is the bad digestion: Due to lack of liquids in the organism and retention of toxins, the carbonated drinks and alcohol should be replaced with water and green tea.

Appearance of acne could be a sign of liver problems.

It also means that your kidneys could be in poor condition.

If the acne appears only on your cheeks, and not on the forehead, it means that you have a problem with the lungs.

Oral hygiene should not be avoided, and once a week you should completely clean your face with special preparations.

If the acne mostly appears on the lower chin, you have problems with the small intestines. Try to add more fruit and vegetable on your daily menu.