Advice for better male fertility!

A cocktail of vitamins that consists in the vitamin B12, B6 and the folic acid can significantly increase the number and the quality of the sperm. The cause of the bad sperm problems often is in the amino acid ‘homocysteine’ that decreases the blood supply of the testicles and consequently the number and the mobility of the sperm is decreased. Right on that field the vitamins B12, B6 and the folic acid act, because they neutralize the ‘hemocysteine’. The vitamin C also improves the quality of the sperm.Vitamin-B12-foods_autism.soveritas.com_

The folic acid can be found in large number in the spinach, bean, asparagus, beet leaves, mangold, parsley and the broccoli.

The vitamin B6 can be found in the vegetable and animal tissue. Increase the consumption of fish, soy, eggs, milk, dry fruit, and instead of meat eat liver and burgers.