After using this remedy, you won’t feel pains for years!

It’s hard to cure cervical osteochondrosis, but still, you can cure it. We recommend you to try this interesting recipe. After using it, you won’t feel pains for years!

It’s about a massage mixture which is prepared with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can also use sea salt). We prepare a mixture for the whole healing at once.


  • 10 tablespoons of salt
  • 20 tablespoons of oil


Mix the salt and the oil in a glass bottle. Close the bottle and shake it. Leave the mixture to stay for few days and after you will get a light mixture.


You should lubricate the cervical vertebrae every morning, with vigorous massage, on the areas where you feel the pain. At the beginning, massage the areas for 2-3 minutes, but later increase the massage interval, adding for 2-3 minutes daily, so at the end of the healing, the duration should last for about 20 minutes. At the end of the massage, wipe the neck with wet, warm cloth.

Doing this procedure, it can come to irritation of the skin. So, at the end of the massage, after wiping the skin with wet cloth, wipe it again, but now with a dry cloth and sprinkle with baby powder.

As a result of 10 days procedure, the circulation is being stimulated and the muscle regeneration of the cartilage and bones is improved.

The blood flow in the neck part of the spine is getting renewed, the headaches are disappearing and the eyesight is getting improved. This is connected because the body is being cleansed of toxins, which results with normalizing of the metabolism.