AMAZING: Here’s why you should sometimes walk barefoot!

Did you know that feet affect the condition of whole body? How many times your mother have told you not to walk barefoot, and you didn’t listen to her? According to the scientists, maybe it’s better you didn’t!

Namely, a recent study has shown that it’s enough to walk barefoot only an hour in a day.

Pain relief

The feet are taking the form of the ground on which they rely and the cells are being activated, and they are in a direct contact with the skin. If you have joint pain, try walking barefoot on grass, and it will help you and relief the pain.

Decreases the unpleasant feet smell

If you walk barefoot, your feet are in a direct contact with the air. The unpleasant feet smell appears right for that, because when you wear something constantly, because the skin cannot breathe.

Proper posture

Women’s shoes, especially the ones on high heels is very uncomfortable and it will affect negatively. If you wear high heels for a longer period, it will affect negatively on your posture.

Improves sleep

The feet affect whole body. It is best to massage your feet before going to sleep, in order to be relaxed.

Improves circulation

The feet and legs have a large number of veins and arteries, because there is the biggest number of muscles. Because the feet are directly connected to the legs, they also get a large amount of fresh blood and that’s why they improve the circulation.

Stress relief

Since the sensory nerves are very active in the feet, when you stand barefoot on grass, you release the negative energy. This helps in reducing stress.

Strengthens joints, muscles and tendons

When you barefoot, the muscles should work additionally so the feet could properly rely on the ground. Walk and run barefoot, and your muscles and joints will strengthen.