AMAZING! You won’t believe what is hiding this vegetable!

Celery isn’t ‘empty’ when it is about vitamins and beneficial ingredients. It contains vitamins K and C, B vitamins, potassium, folic acid and fibers.

It is healthy from the root to the seeds and is easy to digest. Only 100 grams of this vegetable’s root contains 40 calories, which is half the amount contained in the potato. It is great for decreasing the blood pressure and it is a great ally in the diets.

It is mostly consisted of water and because of that, it is the main ingredient for the good diets. But, the secret that is hiding in this vegetable is that, you won’t get the necessary minerals and nutrients from it. That’s why it is not recommended for using it alone, but it should be combined with other ingredients so its performance could act.

The celery is also known as a cleaner of the organism, acts like diuretic and helps in expectoration and digestion problems. It was knows as a powerful aphrodisiac in the ancient times, but in combination with walnuts.

Additional advice

When you buy celery, you should have on mind that smaller root is better. Namely, bigger celery often looks hollowly and fungous in the middle, so better buy smaller, compacted head.