Are the potatoes good for you?

The potatoes can be very nutritious for you, but it depends of the way they are prepared. Usual potato of 200 grams, eaten together with the peel, provides 50% of the vitamins C and B6 from the recommended daily dose for adults. Also, it’s full with potassium and has almost 5 grams of vegetable fibers and only 220 calories and 0 fats.

There are few ways to make potato meals, and to keep its nutrientsig1a07_roasted_potatoes

  • Boil them to release the starch and leave their peel;
  • Choose different ways of cooking it without fats, such as boiling them or baking;
  • Let the water boil before adding the potatoes, so the vitamin C can stay in them;
  • Limit the usage of fats while preparing the potatoes. For e.g. use olive oil for potatoes salad or pour the baked potatoes with not fat sour cream or lean cheese.