ARE YOU ANEMIC? If so, this RECIPE is just for you!

When your organism is fighting with lack of iron, it’s best to turn on healthy food and natural remedies.

If you are exhausted, pale, you’re getting tired very fast, losing your breathe easily and feel languor, you should check the iron level in the blood, because it is very possible that you suffer of anemia.

The anemia is a common disease at the kids and women, especially those in the reproductive period. It is cured under doctor’s surveillance, but the natural remedies will only speed up the healing process, so prepare this healing walnut tea.


  • 20 g (1 Ounce) of fresh walnut leaves
  • 1 l (4 cups) of water


Cook the walnut leaves for 15 minutes in the water, and strain them at the end.


Drink 1 cup of this beverage every day, before lunch, and soon you will see the results, but not only on the laboratory results, but you will also feel much better.