Are you chronically tired, with common headaches, or your skin is in bad shape? Then you suffer from THIS disease!

Maybe you, or some of the people you know have this unknown disease and you don’t even know about that.

Namely, according to the world data at 9 of 10 diseased people, this disease is not recognized. It is a lifelong disease and it is more common in adults than kids.

Intake of gluten in genetically predetermined persons develops damaging of the lining of the intestine, as many other organs.

Most of the deceased in the adulthood don’t have any difficulty with the digestive system, but the disease is manifested entirely outside the intestinal symptoms, such as general symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion, anemia, skin changes, osteoporosis, migraine, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, muscle pain, liver disorders.

Besides, the disease could be completely without symptoms, so in that case, it’s called ‘silent’ or ‘concealed’.

If you have similar symptoms, it’s best not to eat gluten food for a month. If the condition gets better, that means that you should stop eating gluten at all. But if the condition remains the same, it is about another disease.