Are you suffering from varicose veins or you want to prevent them? Follow these advices and practice every day!

For sure the genetic factors and the age affect on the probability to have the varicose veins, but also the lifestyle and the healthy habits could make the difference. Find out how to remove the risk of suffering of such a disorder and start doing exercises!

The varicose veins are expansions and tortuosity of the surface veins, that afflict for around 20- 30% of the women and often provokes pains and skin changes.

The causes of these disturbs could be:

  • Circulation problems that provokes the so-called insufficiency;
  • Genetic factors is from the family history;
  • Cardiac problems;
  • Age: with passing of the time the veins could lose their elasticity and transform into varicose veins;
  • An incorrect lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle);
  • Pregnancy: is a condition that puts the body under a big pressure. Some women are seeing the varicose veins exactly when they are pregnant because the blood volume of the whole body increases, but decreases the blood flow on the legs at the pelvic girdle. This modification is congenial for supporting the growth of the fetus, but unfortunately the veins are tending to expand, and become varicose.

Varicose veins: the prevention

The prevention could make differences and limit the arising of the varicose veins. We consult you to move faster as it is possible to strengthen up the musculature of the legs and to encourage the correct       blood circulation, to change the position often the position and to raise the legs when it is possible.

Also the feeding – which should be various and balanced – is very important, such as when you regulate the eventual overweight.

It’s fundamental to do daily a specific gymnastic for at least 10 minutes. Those exercises could be done in a specific part of the day, but the most important thing is the constancy.