Are you talking to yourself? Here’s what it means!

If you talk to yourself, it doesn’t mean that you are crazy, but that you have common sense – British psychologists claim.

If you woke up in the morning unmotivated and said aloud: “ C’mon, get up and go to work!”, that’s not unusual, especially if you are facing a situation that makes you nervous.

Namely, most of the people have internal voice, the one that leads them, encourages and commends them, but also the one who mocks them. That voice remains in our heads almost all the time, but periodically, when you are not aware of it, you say that tough loudly.

There are few scientific explanations why it comes to that, and in the book “My Stroke of Insight” as the main reason of why we talk to ourselves is said that it’s not a sign of madness, but a way on which you give to your brain specific instructions and orders, so the brain becomes more focused.

The psychologists state that it’s about a voice we use since our early childhood. The kids, as the psychologists say, often talk to themselves, instinctively, which is one of the ways they use to learn more.

However, our environment, because of ignorance, calms down our kids and say not to talk to themselves, because the spread beliefs that it’s about a disorder.

But, the psychologists claim the opposite – if you have something to say, say it loud, because the silence is mistaken!