Are you washing the chicken before cooking? Read this and you will never do it again!

As many people do, you are probably washing the frozen chicken before cooking. It seems that the washing is good and this way you are preventively avoiding contamination caused by the food.

‘ You should know that if you bought a frozen chicken, it already has salmonella or Campylobacter or even both’ – claims Prof. Jennifer Kwinlan, from the Drexel University.

These two bacteria are the main cause of food contamination. If you wash the chicken, you will probably spread the bacteria all over your kitchen, or even on you. The water you use for washing the chicken is not hot enough to kill the bacteria.

People are washing the chicken for different reasons: to wash a visible dirt, to clean it from some germs, or simply because it seems dirty.

With washing, the bacteria are spread on the sink and the surrounding area, with the process of aerosolization.

There’s no need to expose yourself to such a risk, because cooking at high temperatures will kill all the bacteria.

The safest way to remove the dirt is with paper towel. Just wipe the chicken with the towel and throw it in the garbage.

According to the statistics, just in Great Britain, 280.000 people at year are diagnosed with contamination, caused by the Campylobacter and most of the contamination are due to washing the chicken. The chicken farmers will be paid incentives, in order to ensure that their chicken won’t have bacteria.