Atopic dermatitis at the newborns: Symptoms, diagnoses and cure

The atopic dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin, more and more frequent at the newborns and the kids, due to a combination of genetic and extern factors. In fact, in addition of constitutional predisposition, to cause it there should be a series of con-causes in which are cold weather, synthetic or wool clothes, dust, saliva, medicaments, pollution and irritant meals.

Known also as atopic eczema or constitutional, the atopic dermatitis manifests mainly with the following symptoms: dry skin, reddening, with possible swelling, bubbles and blisters, persistent itching.

Mainly in the first months of life, the rash manifests primarily on the cheeks, on the forehead or on the scalp, so later it can spread on the limbs, upper and lower, and on the torso. In most of the cases, this disease disappears spontaneously, passing into different phases, until healed completely. If, however, it shows earlier and there is a familiarity, the atopic dermatitis may remain also in the adulthood. Usually, the kids that are subject of this skin inflammation present a major possibility to develop respiratory allergies.

How is it cured?

Generally for curing the atopic dermatitis is acted in three parallel fronts: besides the cure with doctors, it is proceed with the cleansing of the baby’s skin with suitable and delicate products and with reduction of exhibitions with the responsible allergens.

In addition to the drugs that act on the skin, therefore with hydration crèmes and cortisone pomade with anti-inflammation effects, antihistamines are combined also for reducing the itch and immune-modulators, drugs able to act on the immune system.