ATTENTION! 5 healthy ingredients that you SHOULDN’T give to children!

Balanced nutrition is the key of health. But sometimes the healthy ingredients could provoke many problems for the little kids, because their organisms couldn’t digest certain substances, but their immune system is too weak to fight against seemingly harmless substances.

  1. Honey

Kids under the age of 2 are not allowed to eat honey, because it could contain the Clostridium Botulinum toxin, which provokes poisoning named ‘botulism’. The immune system of adults is capable to fight against appearance of this substance, but not the children’s, so it is better to avoid giving honey in the early years of the kids.

  1. Unpasteurized milk

The cow’s milk contains milk proteins which couldn’t be digested by babies under the age of 1, so it is not recommended to give it to the kids until their first birthday. But in the early years, it is also good to avoid the domestic milk which is not pasteurized.

  1. Some fish species

The fish is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, so its consumption is recommended even in the early years. But some fish species, such as tuna, swordfish and mackerel could contain significant traces of mercury that could harm the kid’s nervous system.

  1. Citrus fruit

The lemon, lime, grapefruit and oranges are part of the health citrus products that are characterized with high level of vitamin C. But these fruits are also marked with high acidity, which may harm the sensitive stomach of the children and provoke skin rash. So it is best not to give these fruits to kids under the age of 1.

  1. Food that ‘swells’

Broccoli and beans are only part of the ingredients with high percentage of vegetable fibers that improves digestion, but provoke also high ‘winds’. And while at adults these ‘winds’ are causing discomfort, at little kids they can cause strong pains in the abdomen, so it is best to wait until you start feeding your kids with this food.