ATTENTION COUPLES: These 5 diseases are transmitted by kissing!

Kissing is a pure pleasure, it tells a lot about our partner and it is one of those things that are remembered for the whole life, but it could transfer 80 million bacteria and who knows how many viruses in also in only 10 seconds.

These 5 diseases are the most common that could be transmitted by kissing:


It is a part of the herpes family. Usually, our body could fight with it, so we don’t even know that we have this virus in our organism. But, if our immune system is weak, then we will feel the symptoms. Temperature, tiredness and pain in the muscles are the usual symptoms, but rarely it could cause attacks, lungs inflammation, encephalitis and sight problems.


It is also called a kissing disease. It’s usually caused by Epstein- Barr virus and it is accompanied by tiredness and symptoms similar to flu. The most affected people are between 15 and 30 years old.

Respiratory viruses

Cold, flu, mumps and measles. Even these diseases could be transmitted by kissing, they could also be transmitted through cough, sneezing and touching.

Herpes Simplex virus 1

It is an oral herpes that causes infection on lips, mouth and face. It is usually transmitted by kissing, but also with contaminated food or drink and cough and sneezing.

Streptococcus group A

Evenit’s cured with antibiotics, but if it’s not cured, it could cause lungs inflammation.

That’s why, watch out who touches your lips!