ATTENTION: Even the healthiest ingredients could be harmful if you eat them in a wrong time!

If it happens that you feed yourself with the healthiest ingredients, and you still feel bad, it could mean that you eat them in a wrong time.

Namely, it is very important to pay attention when, or during which meal, you eat some fruit or vegetable, because it could affect your organism in a certain period of the day.

For example, the bananas are good to eat them instead or after lunch, because then it will contribute for beautifying of your skin and strengthen your immune system. However, if you eat them at night, they could disrupt your digestive system and make you sleep bad.

The apples should be eaten in the morning, because they contain a pectin that reduces the cholesterol in this period of the day and the sugar level in the blood. In the evenings, the pectin digests very hard and strengthens the secretion of stomach acid.

The rise is an ingredient that is very rich with carbohydrates. If you eat rise for lunch, you will have energy for a whole day, but if you decide to eat them for dinner, you will get fat.

The tomatoes should be eaten in the morning, because they improve the digestion and strengthens the metabolism. If you eat them for dinner, the pectin and the acid found in them, will make your stomach swell.

The nuts are best to be eaten in the period around lunch, because it improves the heart health and blood vessels and reduces the risk of having high blood pressure. However, if you eat them at night, you will get fat, because the nuts are full with fats and calories.

The black chocolate is not good to be eaten between the meals, because it increases the level of fats in the organism. However, if you eat a bit of it during your breakfast, you could decrease the risk of heart diseases and delay aging of your organism.

The yogurt is great to be eaten for dinner, because it accelerates the food digestion. That’s why it’s not good to eat it in the morning. Especially, if you have only a yogurt for breakfast. It could damage the stomach fibers.

The meat is good to be eaten for lunch, because it’s rich with iron, decreases the tiredness and strengthens the immune system. However, at night it will be hard for you, because it could damage the digestive tract, because it needs 4-6 hours to be digested.

The potato is great for breakfast, because its sugars could decrease the cholesterol and it’s also rich with minerals. However, unlike other vegetables, the potato has many calories and could make you fat if you eat it at night.