Attention, it can break! Can penis really fracture?!

It is not a frequent phenomenon, but it can happen. The penis can fracture due to a sudden, abrupt and unnatural flexion during the erection. The penis fracture, as known as ‘syndrome of bent nail’ or ‘the misstep of coitus’, consist in rotation of the tunica albuginea, the membrane that covers the corpora cavernosa and which during the erection thins, and becomes vulnerable at traumas.orgasmo-maschile

Sounds and pains: In the time of fracture man feels a sudden and very strong pain, accompanied by a dull sound, like that of a broken branch, which is often also perceived by the partner.

The dangerous Amazon: According to a study published in Advances of Urology, the ‘position of Amazon’, or the woman’s body over the man’s, is responsible for half of all penis fractures that had happen in the bed.

Sometimes it is required a surgical intervention to absorb the hematoma and repair the tunica albuginea and any injuries of the urethra.