ATTENTION: The garlic imported from China is filled with BLEACH and CHEMICALS!

Many are not aware for this type of garlic, and are constantly buying it because it’s always there on the shelves at any store. You can get the very same garlic even at restaurants. This type of garlic originates from China and some of it produced is toxic.

Reports are that the USA imports are one third of its garlic from China back in 2014. Quality control has dependably been an issue; however the genuinely terrible thing about this import of garlic is how it is being grown.

To be specific, there are Chinese farmers who use law-prohibited pesticides to speed up their agricultural cultures that they are growing. Among the poisons, they utilize phorate and parathion, which can affect and harm your health.

So as to ensure your welfare, keep away from these unsafe vegetables and you have to find out how to distinguish the harmful ones grown and China.

Next time you go into a store and want to buy garlic, note the following things:

  • Other and home-grown garlic is tastier and has stronger odor.
  • The Chinese garlic is lighter and less bulbous than the regular one
  • Chinese farmers often save on shipping by removing roots and stem to reduce weight. So, if these are not removed, the garlic you want to buy should be safe.

Anyway, the most secure approach to get the advantages of this vegetable is being grown at home, or to purchase it from some trusted nearby farmers.