ATTENTION! We have these ingredients in our kitchen, but they could be fatal for our health!

Some of these are toxic, and some are ‘risky and dangerous’ because of their shape. Here are the ingredients we talk about…

We eat them almost every day and we don’t have any problems because of that, but some of them could be very lethal.

  1. Rhubarb

The leaf of rhubarb contains acids that cause kidney stones to appear. 11 pounds (5 kg) of this herb is enough so it gets fatal, but even less amount could cause serious problems.

  1. Nutmeg

The nutmeg is in fact hallucinogen, and consumption of 0.2 Ounces (5.5 g) could cause spasms, and 0.3 Ounces (8 g) could cause attack. If you eat one nutmeg, it could lead to ‘psychosis of nutmeg’.

  1. Potatoes

How many times have you bought a potato that has greenish peel? The glycoalcaloids that could be found in the greenish peel or in the germs that have emerged because of time passed in the pantry. The glycoalcaloids could cause diarrhea or even coma or death.

  1. Almonds

You should differentiate 2 types of almonds, those sweet and those bitter. The bitter ones, allegedly, contain bigger amount of hydrogen cyanide, and 7-10 pieces of this fruit could cause problems to the adults, and could be fatal for the kids.

  1. Tuna

The tuna is ‘dangerous’ because it absorbs mercury on its meat, and when the mercury enters our organism, it will leave it through our kidneys or it will come to the brain and end up with fatal consequences.  The FDA recommends to the pregnant women and kids to completely avoid tuna.