ATTENTION! We use these objects every day, but they are source of infections!

If we don’t keep them on appropriate place and we don’t use them properly, the chances to harm us instead helping us are big.

These 5 objects, that we use daily, are source of infections. But, there’s way how we should use them properly without harming us.

  1. Showering sponge

It is not unknown that the sponges are great environment for development of bacteria and fungi that could easily cause an infection. Because of that, choose sponges that are made of natural fibers, because they contain enzymes that control the development and growth of bacteria. After every use, wash the sponge nicely, drain it thoroughly and after it got dry, keep it on a dry place. Change the sponge after 30 days of using.

  1. Air freshener

When because of the dry air, your skin and respiratory system will dry the air freshener brings you a great relief. However, if you don’t maintain it right, it becomes a nursery of different pathogenic fungi that sprays in the air. Depending of the type of air freshener, change the filters and the water more recently. Never leave the used water in the freshener, because if it stays longer in it, it absorbs mold. Empty the freshener and fill it with fresh water.

  1. Ear sticks

The experts are warning for long time that, the ‘madness’ of cleaning the wax settled in the ears, has gone too far. The wax is keeping the sensitive inside structures of dirt, dust and bacteria. According to the advices by the doctors, do not put the sticks inside the ear canal, because you will push the wax deeply into the ear. Instead of sticks, use cotton and clean only the entrance of the ear canal.

  1. Blender

After every use you wash the blender, but most of the people forget to clean the most important part of it, the rubber ring that keeps the knife on place. According to many researches, exactly that part of the blender is one of the dirtiest objects in the kitchen and it is a nursery of bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella.

  1. Rubber or silicon kitchen spatulas

Most of the spatulas we use in making cookies have a ‘head’ that can be separated from the handle. It is made that way, so you can remove the head after using it. During the preparation, it is getting filled with food, it accrues and a bacteria layer is made. Because of that, don’t forget to separate the handle from the head and clean it especially well.