Autism Glass: The newest project of Google for curing the autism

The Google Glass may have medical purposes, the technology for curing autism. The project is called exactly Autism Glass Project, and realized by the Stanford University, which for lack of funds risked a closure, but it will continue its work thanks to the donation of 35 Google Glasses from the famous company and an investment of nearly 400 000 $ by Packard Foundation.

The objective is to diagnose early the autism and help the kids affected by this disorder to recognize and classify the emotions. All through the analysis of the face of 100 patients affected by this syndrome, for example the smile that indicates happiness, in exchange for a small prize once they complete the ‘task’.

The project joined the second phase and it allows the researchers to analyze the behavior of the kids, by monitoring of the eventual progresses, thanks to the registration.

Catalin Voss, the project Manager, hopes that all of this could lower the average age of diagnosis, which in the USA is approximately four and a half years. If the Autism Glass Project works as it should, this period should reduce at only two and a half years. Meanwhile, Google seems determined to propose their Google Glasses for purely professional utilization, thinking also for making a good business.