Avoid these light bulbs! They contain chemicals and they are carcinogenic!

Energy saving light bulb is spending 75% less energy than the ordinary one and lasts 30 times more. That’s why, if you are going to buy a light bulb, you should not have doubts. But remember that for production of these light bulbs are used harmful chemicals, such as mercury.

Energy saving light bulbs discharge carcinogenic materials, such as: phenol, naphthalene and styrene. They don’t have to be on for long time, especially not around someone’s head, say German scientists from the Alab laboratory from Berlin.

The energy saving light bulbs transmit daily light and interferes the production of melatonin hormone in the organism. They could cause the breast cancer, migraine and skin problems.

However, there are more and more energy saving light bulbs and there can be found some calming news about it. They are also producing ultraviolet radiations, but the radiation is stopped inside the glass bulb, where the layer that produces light is.

Considering that they keep inside the toxic mercury, these light bulbs have special treatment during the recycling.

In case of smashing the light bulb, because of the mercury’s steam, the area should be ventilated. The place where the bulb was smashed should be wiped with a wet towel and putted together in a plastic bag, pick up the remains and throw in a recycling yard.

However, the energy saving light bulbs should be avoided in the bedrooms and bathrooms, kid rooms and should be placed where the light is not used that much. You can use LED- bulbs, but they are much more expensive.