Bad idea: Why it isn’t good to eat bananas for breakfast?!

Everybody knows that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and more often when we’re in hurry, the only thing we manage to eat is a banana. But, it seems that this fruit is not that good for breakfast.

The nutritionists state that besides the bananas seem like a fast breakfast, actually they’re not. If you eat only them, that’s a bad decision, because they contain even 25% sugars and belong to the moderately acidic fruits.

“Bananas are more like a snack, than meal”.

The best way to start a day is with a breakfast that melts the fat and make you feel more energy to withstand until the next meal. Although the bananas will give you a bit of energy, you will start feeling tired and hungry shortly after. They are more like a snack, than meal, because they are not enough to start a day.

The feeling of tiredness and hunger after eating a banana could be prevented by combining it with healthy products, such as avocado or some spices. Because of the fact that bananas belong to the moderately acidic fruits, the acid should be neutralized in order to get only the good benefits of it, such as potassium, fibers and magnesium, and not sugar, because it provokes only a short flurry of energy.