BE CAREFUL: These 11 foods can cause cancer!

We all know that malignant diseases on the rise. so i just have to take everything you can to prevent the occurrence or development of cancer. It is only necessary to change some habits to reduce the risk of cancer to a minimum.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Player stats shows that more than eight million died of cancer in 2012 and that statistically this number increased to 70 percent in the next 20 years. The food is the main cause. Studies have shown that one in 10 diagnosed tumors is due to improper diet. Just as there are foods that prevent cancer, there are also foods that increase the risk of this disease.

According to the nutritionist’s advice Organic food is a great prevention of cancer.
Avoid monotonous food, dairy products, unsaturated fats, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Also, excessive intake of salt or sugar can adversely affect the body. The food should be as little heat that edits and making sure that you enter as many raw foods, fruits and vegetables. Turn to nature and be physically active. The fluid intake also plays an important role in preserving our health.
This is a list of 11 carcinogenic foods that should be avoided.


Potato chips, french fries and other fried products contain trans fats and are therefore a risk to human health. Small servings of these foods will be sufficient to raise the level of your cholesterol. Studies have shown that these foods contain significantly carcinogenic substance acrylamide which is formed at high temperatures, which is typical for foods that are fried, baked, or breading.



According to research chemicals that are found in the inner membrane bags, including perfluorooktansku acid (PFOA) are chemicals that cause the occurrence of cancer of the liver, testes and pancreas.When saving in a microwave, the chemicals evaporate and withdrew to the interior of popcorn. Most manufacturers have promised to release PFOA by 2015. Prepare popcorn the old-fashioned way, the way you’re doing it until the emergence of microwave ovens.

3) farm-raised salmon
Fish is a healthy and affordable source of protein and fatty acids, which are great for the heart. Salmon is particularly suitable for joints, tissue and bone, but a way of growing salmon can cause cancer. Farm-raised salmon contain significantly lower levels of vitamin D compared to the “wild” salmon and contains a vast amount of various contaminants, such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCD), carcinogens and various pesticides, of which the most common dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT ). This salmon can be consumed once in five months, without fear that the increased risk of cancer. Also, the fish from the pond is usually treated high-dose antibiotics.

Tomato is one of the healthiest foods because it contains antioxidants such as lycopene, lutein, beta carotene and choline. It is also a rich source of vitamins A, C and folic acid, or canning tomatoes have unfavorable characteristics and causes cancer. The interior of the packaging of most canned foods contain bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that acts like estrogen and disrupts hormonal activity of the organism. Research linking BPA to heart disease, intestinal damage, infertility, increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. Not all canned foods worrying or preserved tomatoes are particularly dangerous, because due to its high acidity keeps BPA in it.

Meat preserved by smoking, curing, salting or meat that contains chemical preservatives, is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer. Most of these types of meat products with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite, which is used to obtain packaged meat a bright red color to make it look fresh. After a thorough review of more than 7,000 clinical studies, which explore the links between diet and cancer, the World Cancer Research Fund released that consumers should stop buying meat products until the end of life. These products include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, packaged ham, bologna, salami and all kinds of red meat used in frozen meals species.

6) pickled, smoked and salted FOOD
As with meat products and there is a recorded high levels of chemicals and nitrates, which extend the term these ingredients and make the products stay fresh longer.Smoked foods can contain tar, which has long been known as a factor that causes cancer.J

Refined white flour is all around us and the most common ingredient in the food, but a large amount of carbohydrates is a real cause for concern. The study showed that the consumption of refined carbohydrates, increases the risk of getting breast cancer by 220 percent. Foods that have a high glycemic index (GI) is generally responsible for a sudden jump of sugar in the body, which in addition to insulin resistance, may cause the progression and spread of cancer.


8) Carbonated beverages
They contain an enormous amount of calories, sugars and added ingredients, but do not have nutritional value. One soft drink contains about ten bags of sugar (one bag is about 7 grams of sugar). According to research, the most popular dietary and “Regular” soft drinks have the same impact on the tooth enamel as battery acid, which leads to increased tooth sensitivity and decay despite good oral hygiene. Research conducted by the University of Minnesota shows that people who drink at least two sodas during the week almost doubled the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Also, research shows that excessive consumption of red meat increases the chances of developing cancer. The good news is that the damage induced by red meat can be fixed in a natural way, with a diet rich in fiber.


10) diet products
Obesity can be the cause of various diseases such as certain types of tumors, hypertension or diabetes. Foodstuffs intended for diet, weight loss, and low-calorie products can help you lose unwanted pounds, but tend to contain aspartame (artificial sweetener), artificial colors, chemicals and GMOs, which further increases the risk of cancer. If you want to lose weight, you are advised to incorporate physical activity into your everyday life rather than reaching for unhealthy and dietary foods.


Alcohol is a scientifically proven cause of cancer, but the public is not very aware of that. And even if not in the risk group, only alcoholics but also people who drink regularly are at greater risk of seven different types of cancer, including breast and oral cavity. Alcohol causes cancer by damaging healthy cells in the body and replaces them with cancer cells. The most common types of cancer in people who consume alcohol are cancer of the pancreas and liver.


Via: HealthyDiet24