Breast cancer: symptoms, prevention, cures and chemotherapies

The breast cancer can show symptoms like pain and swelling

Not always, but breast cancer symptoms are invisible. The symptom picture, in fact, varies for every individual. However there are some symptoms that are very common and often found. In addition to the nodules, also the irritation of the skin, pain in the nipples area or generalized could indicate on a breast cancer. In any case, shouldn’t be done a recourse of analyzes made by you, because, if it’s true that the self-examination forms a system that should be considered, the most exact clinic assessment is the mammography. The prevention is made mostly watching on the lifestyle and as cure is considered the chemotherapy.

The symptoms

The symptoms of breast cancer are not describable precisely. In some cases the illness could be also asymptomatic. In few cases could be taken in consideration some clues, which should turn out to be important. Could be compared a new nodule at the breast or under armpit. One part of the breast could be a subject to swelling, irritation or reddening. The pain, looks like it is limited in the nipples area than on the other parts, could be a symptom that should not be reckoned. Generally, it should be an alarm and any change regarding dimension or form.


The prevention of the breast cancer could be reached out through maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. By this point of view it is important to limit the use of alcohol, to keep under control the body weight and to practice physical activities frequently. In terms of prevention, also important are the early diagnoses. If it is possible to find the illness on time, there is a bigger possibility of healing it.


The cures for breast cancer are consisted, first of all, in performing a surgical intervention, which has an objective to remove the ill tissues. However there are other therapeutic systems that could be applied. For example, there is a local therapy, destined to deal with the concerned part of the body, such as in the radiotherapy. There is also the systemic therapy that consists in using medicaments for oral use or injected in the veins, in a way that could reach the tumor cells and the metastases. The chemotherapy is one of these interventions.

The chemotherapy

The chemotherapy for breast cancer consists in using medicaments that, released in the blood circle, are able to reach the tumor cells in the whole organism. The chemotherapeutics are being given intravenously or by pills. Some medicaments are taken alone, and some in combination with other. The most used are anthracyclines, taxanes, derivative of fluorine, derivative of platinum and methotrexate.