Burn SAGE leaves at home: The results are amazing!

When you see the results, you will immediately burn this powerful herb at home!

Sage is known as a healing herb for centuries. Our ancestors were using it to get rid of evil, or to cure many diseases.

This healing herb has a wide medical use and is part of many medicals. Its healing benefits are from the volatile essential oils.

In winter or summer, with closed or opened windows, the air in our houses is full with different poisons and microorganisms. If you want to get rid of them, clean the air in your house using the sage.

The researches have shown that if you burn sage leaves in a room, 94% of the bacteria in the room are being destroyed. Even the other day, the researches saw that the air is still clean.

All you need to do is to wrap the sage leaves as a “stick”, as in the video, burn one end and shut it down immediately. After this, it will continue to grill and smoke.

If you do this every third or fourth day, you will do much for your health. You will prevent headaches, cough and respiratory infections, decrease the possibility of getting lung cancer and heart diseases and treat chronic tiredness and asthma.

Watch the video bellow and follow the instructions: