Can the intensified body exercises increase the risk of infections?!

The risk of infections at the runners is 2-6 times higher than normal. Lots of components of the immune system are blocked during the exercises that are lasting more than 90 minutes, for e.g. concentration of proteins connected with inflammation and muscle damage, higher concentration of stress hormones in the blood.

Most of the people who are exercising sparingly and regularly have better immune system, but those who are more exhausted, could have problems with the increased risk of infections. This risk can increase during the traveling when the sportsman is exposed on some new pathogens and other blockers of the immune system such as stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition or weight loss.

drink-waterNumerous researches in which the participants were runners, footballers, triathlons, show that consumptions of supplements of carbohydrates, such as sports drinks, are acting favorable in maintenance of the glucose level in the blood, and also in the decreasing of the level of stress hormone and in that way reduces the changes in the immunity.